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Plywood and it’s magical properties

By April 4, 2012February 24th, 2016No Comments

More and more customers are choosing to have plywood fitted as a subfloor before having their new floor fitted. It’s almost always before a new piece of vinyl gets layed and 95%(not real stats) of the time either a kitchen or bathroom.

The reason for this is usually to do with the floorboards being uneven or broken and this would eventually lead to you being able to see the floorboards showing through beneath the new vinyl. This often happens fairly soon after the vinyl has been fitted and can look really bad especially if there is a window or door behind the area with the newly fitted flooring as it can highlight shadows and contours of any uneveness. Worst case scenario obviously is the vinyl bursting if the floorboards are really bad.

A new plywood subfloor can fix this problem and for a fairly inexpensive add on to having vinyl fitted you can be rest assured your new vinyl will last the lifetime of its guarantee.

Plywood comes in a few different thicknesses – The most common being 4, 6, 9 and 12 mm. For the majority of jobs the 4mm plywood is perfect and will give a flat base for any new flooring to be layed on top